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Asset Online Internet banking

Asset Online Internet banking

Asset Online is a modern, secure and functional online banking system which enables you to manage your funds and generate account statements anywhere in the world. By using Asset Online you save both time and costs, while at the same time you will be the first to learn about the latest news and current promotions.

Asset Online is a new e-banking platform which is entirely consist with the needs and requirements of the individual and corporate clients and provides:

  • Comfortable and easy access - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without complying with the working hours of the branch network of the bank;
  • Simultaneous access to personal and business accounts with one username and password and options to define different rights and user groups;
  • High reliability and protection through 2-factor authentication on logging into the system and on confirmation of payments, realized through the Secure Call feature.
  • Improved functionality and ability to perform different  banking transactions, generate reports and export data in various formats;
  • Fast order transfer and coverage of any transfer in real time in the banking information system;
  • Saving costs with lower charges for certain services, compared to those in the bank network; 
  • Possibility to timely obtain latest information about products, services and current promotions;
  • Modern vision combined with intuitive user interface.

International Asset Bank AD provides the secure Asset Online Internet banking service without monthly or annual subscription charges and in addition grants preferential price terms for certain operations, executed via the online banking.


As specified in Terms and Conditions of Interest Rates, Fees and Commissions Applied to Legal Entities’ Transactions.

International Asset Bank AD is offering two new authentication methods that meet the up-to-date security standards - the software Asset Token, which is part of Asset Mobile application and the hardware token Asset Device. The new proposals for identification, entry and confirmation of transactions through the Bank's electronic channels replace the currently used Secure Call service.



Information about the software Asset Token


Asset Token is a specialized mobile application for generating unique access codes, transaction confirmation and identification when using the Bank's electronic channels.

The application is only accessible by installing Asset Mobile on your mobile device.


Benefits of Asset Token:

If you choose Asset Token for having access to the Bank’s electronic channels you’ll take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You do not need to carry an additional hardware device to have access to your accounts and confirm transactions when using the Bank's electronic channels;
  • You are able to confirm payments at any time, initiated by any computer, laptop or tablet, only using your personal smartphone;
  • You do not need to comply with the availability and quality of the Internet connection, since Asset Token also works offline;
  • You get the highest level of security - PIN or biometric data is used to access Asset Token, and the codes it generates are unique with encrypted information for each individual payment;
  • You do not pay a fee for activating or using the service.



Information about the hardware token Asset Device


Asset Device is an electronic device /token/ for generating unique access codes, transaction confirmation and identification when using the Bank's electronic channels.

The device is provided for use at a fee, according to the Tariff for interest, fees and commissions and is received only in person, at the financial centers of the Bank.


Benefits of Asset Device:

  • You can access bank products and services from any computer, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection, from anywhere in the world and at any time with maximum security;
  • You have a dual degree of protection when using the bank's electronic channels, which is guaranteed by the combination of the device PIN, the unique code generated by Asset Device and your access username;
  • There is no limit to the number of devices for accessing the bank's electronic channels through which the given token is used;
  • You are able to lock and unlock the token, as well as to replace it as needed.

Dear clients,

We live in an environment, which enables us to be at several virtual locations simultaneously – at banks, via online banking systems, at stores, via online shopping platforms, at school, via online learning forms or at any other “location”. While we use information technologies and the Internet for such purposes, we are facing new risks, which endanger our money, data or identities. Therefore, it is of particular importance to protect your systems, data and profiles from unauthorized access.

What means are available for upgrading the security of the devices and data that you use:

  • Use only licensed operating systems, applications and system software.
  • Protect your computer by anti-virus software and a firewall. When properly configured, the firewall will block unauthorised traffic from and to your computer.
  • Regularly update both the operating systems and the anti-virus programs, as well as any other software of your devices up to the latest current versions, made available by the producer.
  • Use reliable passwords, which would be difficult to break – containing at least 8 symbols, including a variety of numerals, characters and special symbols.
  • Change your passwords regularly, without repeating passwords already used in the past – thus you will reduce the chance for others to obtain unauthorized access to your data.
  • Protect your user name and password – avoid writing them down on paper, in files, in the browser or elsewhere. Never disclose your password to anybody.
  • Avoid access from public areas, hotels and other wireless points of access, which are not under your control. Protect your own cable or wireless network.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while you are in the online banking system. Always log out of your account prior to shutting the browser window – it is not sufficient to simply close the page or the browser.
  • While you are in the Online banking system of International Asset Bank AD, please make sure that the address band visualizes information on the availability of certificate, indicating the legitimate owner of the site. The lack of such information may be a sign that you have come across a fraudulent copy of the Online banking system, in which case you should refrain from inputting your identification data;
  • Do not visit websites of suspicious content;
  • Be particularly vigilant when opening links or files, received via e-mail and in case of doubt in the reliability of a message – do not open it.

International Asset Bank AD never sends its clients unsolicited letters via e-mail, containing attached files or links to the page for entry into the system. Should you receive such a letter do not download any links or files attached, but call the Bank at telephone 0800 12 422 for more information.

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