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Special accounts

Special accounts

International Asset Bank AD also offers other types of current accounts, such as:

  • Special current account of Bailiff – intended for collection of proceeds from sale of property of debtors and cash/noncash operations, related to the activity;
  • Special current account of Lawyer – intended for payment of costs, stamp duties and taxes of lawyers’ clients, payment of professional fees to individuals other than lawyers, execution of deals and actions in the name and on behalf of the client, in accordance with the contract, entered into between the client and the lawyer;
  • Special current account of Notary – intended for management of funds under transactions, by which material rights over real estate are being established, transferred or modified;
  • Special current account of Insurance agent – intended for payment of insurance premiums, insurance compensations or funds for customers of insurance services;
  • The Bank opens and maintains special accounts in BGN and in all major foreign currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP.
    The amounts, deposited on special current accounts, are part of the property of the above mentioned persons and are therefore not subject to seizure.
  • Ability to manage your funds on day-to-day basis and along with Asset Online, it grants you a permanent access to them;
  • Ability to monitor and control all of your incoming transfers and payments, enjoying access to diverse information via e-mail statements, SMS notifications or Asset Online.
  • Currency: BGN, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF;
  • Term: Termless.
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