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Direct debit

Direct debit

Direct debit is a payment operation, by which the client agrees in advance that the Bank will execute payments in regard to his liabilities upon request of the recipient. Direct debit is most frequently used for making periodic payments, such as repayment of loan liabilities, utility bills, annual subscriptions, regular transfers with business counterparts and a variety of other purposes. Payments are initiated in Bulgaria and only in local currency.

The Direct debit is a service intended for all clients, both Bulgarian and foreign, holders of an active account in International Asset Bank AD and periodically making transfers in BGN to other accounts.

  • Easy – by one-time submission of an agreement for Direct debit to the Bank;
  • Reliable – you do not miss any deadlines and payments;
  • Time-saving – you do not need to visit the Bank for each payment and therefore save of valuable time;
  • Offers the option to authorize payment amounts up to a specified limit;
  • You may also use the Asset Online service for submission of the agreement for Direct debit.
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