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Asset Business plan optimum

Asset Business plan optimum


Тhe package “Asset Business Plan optimum” e provides convenience and speed in daily banking through specially selected products and services included in the package at a significantly lower price. Customers have 24-hour access to their funds through a current account, a contactless Business Debit MasterCard PayPass with free withdrawals from the bank’s ATM, and a modern platform of Internet banking - Asset Online. The package also provides higher limits for withdrawal and deposit money at a cash desk, SMS notifications, online internal money transfers and money trensfers through BISERA, RINGS.

  • wide range of the most commonly used products and services related to daily banking, for only one monthly fee;
  • quick and easy subscrption for the program;
  • decreasing and better control of company’s costs related to banking services;
  • saving time, increasing security and information.

Subscribing for package program "Asset Business optimum plan" you will receive the following products and services for only one monthly fee:


Asset Business optimum plan 
Payment products 
No fee for opening a current account in BGN.
No monthly fee for maintenance of a current account and providing an email statement, regardless of periodicity and subscription for Internet banking. 
Cash commissions 
No fee for cash deposit up to BGN 8 000 daily turnover. 
No fee for cash withdrawal up to BGN 5 000 daily turnover.
Debit Business MasterCard PayPass Card 
No fee for issuing and opening a debit card.
No monthlyfee for maintenance the debit card.
No fee for withdrawals from ATMs of the bank.
No fee for the first 5 withdrawals from ATMs of other banks in the country – per month.
No fee for payment of goods and services at merchants in the country and abroad.

Asset Online  

No fee forregistration and maintaining of Asset Online.                                                                
No fee for 10 internal money transfer from the current account in BGN.    
Unlimited internal money transfers in BGN between accounts of the same customer.                                                                          
No feefor 15 money transfers via BISERA
No feefor 2 money transfers via RINGS.


No fee for 15 SMS notifications.  
No fee for installation of a POS terminal.
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