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My Eurosubsidy +

My Eurosubsidy +


The product My Eurosubsidy + for funding working capital of agricultural producers, livestock-breeders, who are EU subsidy beneficiaries, cultivating arable land, permanent crops, orchards and/or vegetable gardens, house gardens, maintaining permanently grassed areas, as well as agricultural producers, conducting agri-environmental activities.

Loans are extended under the following schemes: 

  • Single Payment per Area Scheme (SPAS); 
  • National Top-ups for Area Scheme (NTA); 
  • National Animal Supplement Scheme for Cows and Suckler Cows, Coupled with Production (NSC); 
  • National Animal Supplement Scheme for Cattle and/or Buffalo, Not Coupled With Production (NAS1); 
  • National Animal Supplement Scheme for Ewes and Goats, Coupled with Production (NAS3); 
  • Scheme for Breeding Ewes and Goats in Economically Vulnerable Communities in Southern Bulgaria (NAS4); 
  • Scheme for Breeding Ewes and Goats in Constrained Areas (NAS5); 
  • Measure 214 Agri-environmental payments under the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. 

The loan is disbursed: 

  • Based on approved subsidy to agricultural producers for the purchase of fertilizers, seeds, fuel, etc., and also for cultivation and maintenance of land in good agricultural and environmental condition; 
  • Based on approved subsidy to livestock-breeders for animal husbandry; 
  • Already committed agri-environmental activities for multi-year implementation and a payment received for at least one year.


  • Competitive interest rate levels;
  • Long term;
  • Option to include agri-environmental payments;
  • No commission for early repayment by own funds;
  • No commision for acceptance of documents when revolving;
  • Availability of a grace period;
  • Free activation of the Internet banking service - Asset Online.
  • Currency: BGN;
  • Loan amount:
    - up to 90% of the future subsidy in compliance with submitted Notification letter of registration to participate under the measure or current certificate issued by the State Fund Agriculture concerning the subsidy amount when initial extended and up to 100% when revolving;
  • Repayment term:
    - Maximum duration: 60 months - with the option of an annual revolving within this period, but by the end of the programming period (the last campaign in 2020, respectively payment of subsidies - in 2021).;
  • Repayment mode:
    - Upon receipt of a grant from the SFA or realization of production - until the payment of all subsidies for the campaign by the SFA, but not later than June 30 of the following calendar year, unless provided otherwise in accordance with Regulation of the European Commission.;
  • Grace period – until receipt of the subsidy under the relevant scheme;
  • Collateral:
    - pledge of future subsidy under direct payment schemes and payments for agri-environmental activities, disadvanaged areas and other;

Competetive interest rate levels depending on the loan amount.


Fees and commissions

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