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Asset Business Dynamic

Asset Business Dynamic


Asset Business Dynamic is a credit line for working capital, investment needs, bank guarantees and letters of credit. This loan product provides borrowers with a combination of flexible repayment options, long term and favorable fees, commissions and interest rate levels. Eligible to borrow are legal entities, agricultural producers or sole proprietors, who have a business history of at least 24 months in the form of periods completed with the accompanying tax returns.

  • Flexible scheme for financing of working capital and investment needs in combination with coverage on bank guarantees and letters of credit on demand;
  • Simplified procedure; High maximum amount;
  • Minimum co-financing requirements;
  • Low interest rate levels; Flexible repayment options;
  • No commissions for issuing of bank guarantees and confirmed letters of credit (when disbursing part of the limit for bank guarantees and letters of credit);
  • Free activation of the Internet banking service – Asset Online;
  • Option for free installation of POS devices at the company’s trading outlets;
  • Opening of card accounts for the company’s employees, with an automatic transfer of their remunerations and an overdraft option, as well as with preferences upon using package services;
  • Option of free issuance of Asset revolving credit card MasterCard at extremely competitive interest rate levels.
  • Currency: BGN, EUR;
  • Maximum Loan amount: up to BGN 500 000 / EUR 250 000;
  • Repayment term: up to 120 months;
  • Repayment plan: the first up to 60 months without a fixed repayment plan, and for the rest of the term – according to proposed by the client and approved by the Bank repayment plan - annuity / equal installments of principal, but at least 4 installments;
  • Collateral: mortgage on real estate property with approved by the Bank market assessment, covering at least 125% of the size of the authorized amount of the loan.

Annual interest rate:

Bsic interest rate 4.00% 3.75%


The annual interest rate on the loan is formed from RIR for loans in BGN and 6 m. EURIBOR for loans in EUR + margin.


 Fees and commissions

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