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Mobile application Asset Mobile

Mobile application Asset Mobile


Asset Mobile is our way of saving your time and money by providing you with secure, affordable, fast and intuitive access to and management of basic banking products and services.Thanks to our free application, International Asset Bank will always be there for you, without having to comply with the opening hours of our financial centers.


For your convenience, many functionalities have been developed in Asset Mobile, such as:


  • Keeping track of the accounts, together with receiving up-to-date balance sheet information, interest accrued, maturity dates and other details;
  • Intuitive ways to search and filter transactions by set criteria;
  • Ordering and confirming BGN and foreign currency transfers with just a few taps - the smart payment system will guide you step by step, ready to help with additional information;
  • Making payments to saved recipients with convenient templates;
  • Exchanging of amounts in different currencies at the most favorable conditions;
  • Possibility to view complete information about your payment card;
  • Easy tracking of executed, authorized and accounted transactions with expertly presented distinctive data;
  • Immediate repayment of credit card obligations;
  • Receiving of push notifications.


And to keep you calm, we thought seriously about security:

  • The confirmation of any bank transaction is intuitive and secure, with biometric recognition (face or finger) enabled by Face ID / Touch ID or PIN code securely sealed in your Asset Token software;
  • We introduced a wide range of transaction limits to further protect your funds.


International Asset Bank AD provides the secure Asset Mobile service without monthly or annual subscription charges and in addition grants preferential price terms for certain operations, executed via the e-banking.


As specified in Terms and Conditions of Interest Rates, Fees and Commissions Applied to Legal Entities’ Transactions.

International Asset Bank AD is offering two new authentication methods that meet the up-to-date security standards - the software Asset Token, which is part of Asset Mobile application and the hardware token Asset Device. The new proposals for identification, entry and confirmation of transactions through the Bank's electronic channels replace the currently used Secure Call service.



Information about the software Asset Token


Asset Token is a specialized mobile application for generating unique access codes, transaction confirmation and identification when using the Bank's electronic channels.

The application is only accessible by installing Asset Mobile on your mobile device.


Benefits of Asset Token:

If you choose Asset Token for having access to the Bank’s electronic channels you’ll take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You do not need to carry an additional hardware device to have access to your accounts and confirm transactions when using the Bank's electronic channels;
  • You are able to confirm payments at any time, initiated by any computer, laptop or tablet, only using your personal smartphone;
  • You do not need to comply with the availability and quality of the Internet connection, since Asset Token also works offline;
  • You get the highest level of security - PIN or biometric data is used to access Asset Token, and the codes it generates are unique with encrypted information for each individual payment;
  • You do not pay a fee for activating or using the service.



Information about the hardware token Asset Device


Asset Device is an electronic device /token/ for generating unique access codes, transaction confirmation and identification when using the Bank's electronic channels.

The device is provided for use at a fee, according to the Tariff for interest, fees and commissions and is received only in person, at the financial centers of the Bank.


Benefits of Asset Device:

  •  You can access bank products and services from any computer, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection, from anywhere in the world and at any time with maximum security;
  • You have a dual degree of protection when using the bank's electronic channels, which is guaranteed by the combination of the device PIN, the unique code generated by Asset Device and your access username;
  • There is no limit to the number of devices for accessing the bank's electronic channels through which the given token is used;
  • You are able to lock and unlock the token, as well as to replace it as needed.


Security tips when using mobile devices for banking:


The increasingly wide-spreading use of smartphones and tablets for accessing banking services requires the application of measures for ensuring the adequate level of their security, as follows:

  • Protect the access to your smartphone with the available authentication methods - fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, screen lock pattern or other available safety feature, and enable the automatic screen lock when the device is not in use.
  • Download applications, including the mobile banking application “Asset Mobile”, only from the official application stores - Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS.
  • “Asset Mobile” app is accessed with the same username and password you use for the online banking (Asset Online). After registration and setting of PIN you can choose to access your account by means of PIN or biometric identifier (fingerprint for Android and FaceID and fingerprint for iOS).*
  • Do not disclose to other persons your password or PIN code and do not store them written down on paper or in electronic form in your mobile device.
  • Use strong passwords (of over 8 characters, consisting of small and capital letters and special characters) and PIN which cannot easily be guessed. Do not use one and the same password for access to the online banking system and for your other user accounts.
  • Do not enter your password/PIN code in systems other than “Asset Online” and “Asset Mobile”, especially if you are prompted to do so with an electronic message. International Asset Bank AD has not sent, does not send and will not send unsolicited electronic messages, asking you to open the attached files or web resources (links), where to enter identification data (user name and password, card number, etc.) or other personal information.
  • We advise you to change your password/PIN code periodically – at intervals of not more than three months, as well as each time you have doubts that they might have been compromised.
  • Do not use non-encrypted and public wireless networks when you access the online banking channels of the Bank, because your credentials may be compromised.
  • Do not unlock the operating system of your smartphone (via jailbreaking, rooting).
  • If you have already manipulated your device by using the aforementioned methods or in any other way, it is not recommended to use it to access the online banking channels of the Bank as this may immensely increase the security risks.
  • Install and maintain updated licensed antivirus software on the mobile device that you use for accessing “Asset Mobile”.
  • Regularly update the operating system of the mobile device, the system software, and the applications, including mobile banking application “Asset Mobile”.
  • Always close your online banking sessions by clicking the “Exit” button.

The Bank is not responsible for the security of the devices of its clients through which they access the banking products and services, and it is not responsible for the financial damages they incur as a result of failure in the security of such devices or due to compromised client accounts. * International Asset Bank AD does not store and does not process the biometric identifiers of its customers.

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