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Mobb payments

Mobb payments

Mobb is a platform for secure and fast mobile payments, supported by BORICA – BANKSERCICE AD. This service enables the cardholders to make payments both to physical and online merchants and to use other information services via their mobile handsets. Mobb is the only application on the market which does not require the input of data for the cardholder and his/her cards. Instead of that, upon making transactions, the card itself is visualised on the user’s mobile phone as its physical equivalent. The communication connectivity and data exchange in mobb are secured through a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology and the application is available for all leading mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry OS7 and Windows Phone 8.

Mobb is offered at an afford a very attractive price with two levels of access – for mobile information services and for mobile payment services.

  • Users are able to unlock and lock their cards. When a card is locked, it cannot be used for cash withdrawal, no payments can be made, no information regarding availability of funds and transactions can be obtained and thus the cards are protected from unauthorised use;
  • Option to obtain immediately information on the last 5 transactions. This information is updated in real time and will be current at the moment of the check. The users are able to check the availability of funds on card/s and to be informed of what funds are available at any time;
  • Shopping online or at merchant locations, which accept payment by mobb, without having to bring physically their cards. Payments are secure to a very high degree, because it is not necessary to show and enter the card number. Mobb uses a patented technology – Payment Code, which is entered manually by the cardholder or the merchant instead of a PIN code;
  • Fast and secure sending of money to other “mobb” users at any time

Operating instruction for the Mobb mobile application

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