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Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of International Asset Bank AD

Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of International Asset Bank AD

On February 28th, 2017, the regular annual general meeting of the shareholders of International Asset Bank AD was held and several important decisions were taken:


  • Approval of the annual report for the activities and the audited financial statements;
  • Accumulation of the entire profit for the last year to the „Reserve” fund in support of the further development of the institution.


Despite the dynamic economic environment and numerous challanges, International Asset Bank AD completed the year 2016 successfully with a positive financial result amounting to BGN 11 559 thousand, corresponding to a profit after taxes of BGN10 344 thousand, which represents a 145% growth compared to the result of 2015. The sum of all assets, managed by the financial institution in the end of the last year reached BGN 1 302 348 thousand, which steadily confirms the upward trend of previous years and forms an increase of over 9% compared to the same period of 2015.The deposit base also grew even more steadily in 2016 by over BGN89 mln. or up 8% and out of that the attracted funds from physical entities amounted to nearly BGN 62 mln..


Throughout the year 2017 the Bank will continue its efforts towards preserving its positive development by planning further diversification of its product portfolio in order to strengthen its approach of providing flexible, innovative and competitive products to its corporate, individual and institutional clients.