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International Asset Bank AD with new packages for young people

International Asset Bank AD with new packages for young people

Effective from January 15th 2018, International Asset Bank provides to its customers – young people the opportunity to take advantage of specifically developed package “Asset Start” to their payment accounts. The package includes products and services that meet the best customers’ needs in this segment. By subscribing to it, only for a preferential monthly fee of 2.00 BGN, customers receive a wide range of products and services on very advantageous terms:


  • No monthly fee for servicing a current account in BGN;
  • No fee for issuing a contact card Debit MasterCard PayPass;
  • No fee for monthly maintenance of the non-contact card Debit MasterCard PayPass;
  • No fee for unlimited number of withdrawals of the Bank's ATMs;
  • One ATM withdrawal from ATM of other banks in Bulgaria free of charge;
  • No charge for payment of goods and services to merchants with the card;
  • No registration fee for the "Asset Online" service;
  • 1 outgoing transfer monthly through BISERA in "Asset Online";
  • No registration fee for SMS notification;
  • 3 SMS notifications free of charge.


From benefits of Asset Start can take advantage all physical entities from 14 to 24 years old. More detailed information about the package can be found here.


To learn more about new offers and the full range of products and services, you can visit the Bank's most convenient branch office, call the short number *2422 on the national telephone number 0800 12 422 (free of charge from the whole country for subscribers Vivacom's fixed network) or browse the Bank's Internet site