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Investment Financing

Investment Financing

Asset Investment Financing is provided to municipalities, which are clients of the Bank, for the purpose of funding municipal investment projects in the following areas:

  • Road infrastructure;
  • Environmental infrastructure;
  • Industrial zones;
  • Landscaping;
  • Information technologies and networks;
  • Gasification;
  • Energy efficiency projects;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Waste water treatment plants;
  • Waste processing, utilization and recycling infrastructure and building of municipal waste collection platforms;
  • Building of farm produce markets;
  • Projects of social importance.
  • Competitive interest rate levels;
  • Bank servicing of municipalities’ budgets on accounts at International Asset Bank AD and provision of package services, such as: opening of payroll card accounts of municipality employees, with the possibility to grant preferences, as well as additional rebates for using packages and for refinancing of loans from other banks;
  • Option to benefit from overdraft on card accounts;
  • Option for deposit accounts with flexible monetary funds management;
  • Option to install a ATM and/or POS terminal at the Municipality;
  • Option to establish an Off-site workplace (OWP) of the Bank at a room in the Municipality building;
  • Free activation of the Asset Online Internet banking service.
  • Currency: BGN, EUR;
  • Loan amount: up to BGN 10 000 000 or the equivalent in EUR;
  • Repayment term: in compliance with the public procurement terms and the project specifications;
  • Security: pledge of future receivables and collateral, acceptable for the Bank.

Annual interest rate:

  • BLRleil (Bank lending rate for legal entities’ investment loans in BGN or foreign currency) + an agreed margin, reflecting the project risks and the investment recovery term.

Fees and commissions:

  • By agreement and in accordance with the public procurement terms.
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