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Asset SMS Notification

Asset SMS Notification


The Asset SMS Notification Package offers much better prevention of fraud and misuse of your card and provides information on the movement of your payment account. By subscribing to the package, you can have more calmness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by sending SMS to a mobile phone number of Mtel, Telenor or Vivacom specified by you. You can receive one or several credit or debit card and payment bills on your mobile phone numbers. To activate the service, you need to visit a one-time branch of the Bank.

  • No registration fee for the service;
  • Receiving SMS in real time when paying or withdrawing cash;
  • Understanding immediately when funds are received to your account;
  • Making sure that a transaction has been successful;
  • Providing information about transactions with your cards at anytime and anywhere - not only in Bulgaria but also in abroad;
  • Minimizing abusive opportunities, avoid worries, especially when using the card frequently.
  • Receiving information about your credit card obligations.
Asset SMS Notification
No registration fee for the service
10 SMS messages per month
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