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Asset Advantage

Asset Advantage

The Asset Advantage package program provides speed in receiving and using client’s funds 24 hours a day through a current account, a contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass card and a modern platform for Internet Banking Asset Online. The most frequently used everyday banking operations are united in one, at a significantly lower total cost and with the possibility to benefit from interest rate discounts on loan products for individuals.

  • Wide range of the most commonly used products and services related to daily banking, for a single monthly fee;
  • Permanent access to finances through a contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass card and a modern platform for Internet banking;
  • Additional discounts on interest rates for selected loan products; Better planning and control of personal finances;
  • Saving time, increasing safety and awareness;
  • Quick and easy subscription to the program;
  • Additional possibility for protection of payments through the insurance „Asset Convenience“.

The Asset Advantage program package provides the following products for the price of a monthly fee, namely:


 No issuance fee 
 No monthly maintenance fee
 No fee for withdrawals from ATMs of the bank
 No fee for the first 3 withdrawals from ATMs of other banks in the country – per month
No fee for payment of goods and services at merchants
No fee for registration and maintenance of the system
No fee for the first 5 intra-bank transfers between accounts of different holders – per month
No fee for the first 3 outgoing interbank transfers in BISERA – per month
No fee for the first 5 SMS message notifications – per month
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