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Contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass

Contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass

The international Debit MasterCard PayPass, protected by a the latest generation DDA chip and magnetic tape for contactless payments, is a convenient and secure way to have your funds at your disposal at any time both locally and abroad. You may use your Debit MasterCard PayPass card for making contactless payments with bringing the card to the appropriate POS, cash withdrawals from ATMs, for payment at merchant locations and online shopping.

Debit MasterCard PayPass are accepted in more than 210 countries and over 25 million merchant locations worldwide.

  • Integrated contactless functionality which provides:
  • Additional opportunity to choose from - the cardholder decides whether he will make contact or contactless payment;
  • Quickness - the time of payment is reduced to less than a second; at payments of amounts up to BGN 50,00 - in most cases there is no need for entering PIN code;
  • Security - the card is always in the hands of the cardholder;
  • PIN code is required not only when payments are over BGN 50,00 but also in specific cases when payments are under BGN 50,00;
  • Free issuance;
  • Possibility for free issuance of additional cards to the card account;
  • Opportunity for express issuance in term of 3 working days;
  • No fees for withdrawal of amounts from ATM of the Bank;
  • Without fee for payment of goods and services at POS terminal in commercial sites in country and abroad;
  • Convenient withdrawal of cash from ATM and POS terminals in the country and abroad;
  • Option to pay liabilities to various merchants, incl. taxes, charges, and fines via and Bpay;
  • Opportunity for convenient payment of utility bills via the service Asset electronic utility bills;
  • Booking and payment for hotel accommodation, car rental, booking of flight tickets, Internet shopping and other payment for goods and services without physical presence of the card (free of charge);
  • Possibility for receipt of remuneration, pension, scholarship, professional fees, compensation and etc. on the card account; Quick and easy 24 – hours access to funds on the account and opportunity for operations without presence of cards;
  • Access to active operations and reference information on the card account in platform for internet banking – Asset Online;
  • Checking of cards balance of ATM in the country and abroad, as and in Asset Online;
  • Detailed monthly statement upon request an office of the Bank and through Asset Online;
  • Free renewal of the card at expired term of validity;
  • No tax for change of PIN code at ATMs;
  • Reliable security thought last DDA chip technology;
  • Possibility for additional security though free registration for SMS notification;
  • Use the free service to generate their own password – MasterCard SecureCode – for secure payments on the Internet;
  • Opportunity to receive overdraft on the card account.
  • Currency: BGN;
  • Issuance period: 5 business days;
  • Express issuance period: 3 business days;
  • Validity term: 5 years;
  • Minimum non – reducible balance: 5 BGN


Terms and conditions of interest rates, fees and commissions applied to physical entities transactions



  • Memorize your PIN code and shred the slip, on which it was written;
  • Do not keep a record of the PIN code on your card, in your mobile phone or anywhere else you keep the card;
  • Never disclose your PIN code to third persons;
  • When changing your PIN code avoid standard combinations of numerals;
  • When using your card at an ATM, please check carefully for any unusual devices, mounted on or near the ATM. Prefer ATMs, located at bank offices or at locations under permanent security and/or video surveillance;
  • When changing/entering the PIN code at ATMs, please cover with your other hand the combination that you are entering;
  • If your card is retained by the ATM please immediately contact the Bank or BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD;
  • When paying at merchant locations never lose sight of your card, require the payment to be performed before you and make sure that the amount entered is the correct one;
  • Shop only at secure Internet websites. Make sure that the website where you are about to enter data from your card, keeps a secure protocol and certificate Carefully review the terms of the website, before entering the details of your card into it. Never enter your PIN code when paying in web portals;
  • When paying by card in online mode, always pay attention to the security of your computer/tablet/telephone, by using the current versions of firewalls, antivirus and antispy software and always install their latest versions;
  • Register your card for the SMS notification service.

Contact telephones of International Asset Bank AD and BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD for reporting a card lost or stolen

In case of loss or theft of the card please report it without delay to the Bank and/or to BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD at the following telephones:

Bank: at +359 2 920 43 03 – 24-hour service, to block the card you must communicate your full name and Personal Identification Number.

BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD: +359 2 870 51 49 – 24-hour service, to block the card you must communicate its number.

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