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Asset Microcredit

Asset Microcredit

Asset Microcredit is a business overdraft on company current accounts, enabling the clients of the Bank to exceed their current account balance up to a limit, agreed in advance. The loan is provided for covering temporary shortages of own funds and its maximum value is determined depending on the collateral (joint debtor/s).
Eligible to borrow are legal entities, sole proprietors or registered agricultural producers, who are clients of the Bank and have a business history of at least 12 months, as well as new clients with a business history of at 24 months in the form of periods completed with the accompanying tax returns.

  • Simplified procedure for covering temporary shortages of own funds;
  • No requirement for mortgage collateral;
  • Competitive interest rate levels;
  • No commission for early repayment by own funds;
  • Option to extend the repayment term, within a 3-year period;
  • No need to submit supporting documents when disbursing the loan (with the exception of registered agricultural producers);
  • Option for free installation of POS devices at the company’s trading outlets;
  • Free activation of the online banking service - Asset Online;
  • Opening of card accounts for the company’s employees, with an automatic transfer of their remunerations and an overdraft option, as well as with preferences in regard to package services.
  • Currency: BGN, EUR;
  • Loan amount: up to BGN 30,000 / EUR 15,000;
  • Repayment term: up to 12 months, with option for extension within a 36-month period;
  • Repayment mode: automatic repayment upon receipt of funds on the current account;
  • Collateral:
    - for loans with limit of up to BGN 15,000 / EUR 7,500 – enlisting the company owner as co-borrower under the loan;
    - for loans in excess of BGN 15,000/ EUR 7,500 – enlisting a co-borrower under the loan (physical or legal entity), other than the company owner or pledge of a motor vehicle – up to 3 years following its initial registration date.

Annual interest rate:

Floating interest rate RIR + the fixed margin, but not less than 9.25% 6м. EURIBOR  + the fixed margin, but not less than 8.75%


Fees and commissions

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